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Lieutenant Colonel Rogers here but people still call me Cap. Old habits die hard I guess. Besides Captain America sounds better than Lt Col America... Send me a message if you would like to chat or ask questions. I'm still with the Army and I also work for SHIELD. I'm willing to talk about pretty much anything so don't be shy. Trust me I'm shy enough for the both of us.
((All relationships are AU unless stated otherwise. ALSO STEVE IS STRAIGHT. No gifs or pictures are mine. Sometimes NSFW))

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alexielthegreat sent: Hush...

"I had a nightmare."

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bye-byebikinis sent: Hush [meme]

"There was so much blood…"

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oletaroberts sent: Amanda froze in front of the bedroom door hearing the low moan from inside the room. Figuring it may have been a nightmare she peeked in just to make sure Steve was alright. Through the crack in the door she could see Steve moving against the sheets but it wasn't like the few times before. Amanda let out a small noise, feeling her cheeks warm at the sight of Steve. A flight or fight instinct hit knowing that he could wake up any moment and she'd have to explain herself.

Steve was moaning in his sleep clearly having a happy dream. He was unaware of her presence at first but shot up hearing a creak on the floor. “Wha?! What are you doing here?!” He asked turning a deep shade of red and tried to conceal himself with the blanket.

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russiasbeautifulbutterfly sent: Katerina was good at sneaking in through windows. She did it a lot when she wanted to see Steve. Tonight though was different. Steve seemed to be having a wet dream, sighing she shook him awake, "Rogers.

Wet dream meme 

Steve moaned in his sleep writhed. He jerked awake at being touched and shot up looking around confused. “Kat?! What are you doing here?!” He asked breathless and bundled up the blanket around his hips trying to hide the tent he had made.

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Mark Serfass
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Your muse finds my muse curled up on the bed, crying. Send me  a number between 1-35 and I will generate a response. You can send ‘Hush’ for a a randomized response.

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Send me a ♬ and I’ll create a five song playlist from my muse to yours.

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My Muse Is Suddenly Killed In Front Of Your Muse, How Does Your Muse React?



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people should just reply to anon hate with this


damn dude thats brutal


That’s even more brutal

It got better


You’re right.


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