Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

Lieutenant Colonel Rogers here but people still call me Cap. Old habits die hard I guess. Besides Captain America sounds better than Lt Col America... Send me a message if you would like to chat or ask questions. I'm still with the Army and I also work for SHIELD. I'm willing to talk about pretty much anything so don't be shy. Trust me I'm shy enough for the both of us.
((All relationships are AU unless stated otherwise. ALSO STEVE IS STRAIGHT. No gifs or pictures are mine. Sometimes NSFW))

Current M!A: none
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long day at work… how I wish I could waste my day on tumblr.

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School starts this week so I may not be around much to rp. Sorry!

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Sorry I was gone for so long. There was no internet where I was for the weekend. 

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1. Al Bowlly - Guilty

2. Fred Astaire - Cheek to Cheek 

3. The Andrews Sisters - Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree

4. Bing Crosby - As Time Goes By

5. Frank Sinatra - Fly Me to the Moon

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alexielthegreat sent: Hush...

"I had a nightmare."

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