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Lieutenant Colonel Rogers here but people still call me Cap. Old habits die hard I guess. Besides Captain America sounds better than Lt Col America... Send me a message if you would like to chat or ask questions. I'm still with the Army and I also work for SHIELD. I'm willing to talk about pretty much anything so don't be shy. Trust me I'm shy enough for the both of us.
((All relationships are AU unless stated otherwise. ALSO STEVE IS STRAIGHT. No gifs or pictures are mine. Sometimes NSFW))

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I may not be around much. Lots of school stuff going on. And I start working on a production next week. See ya!

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imcomingthrough sent: Happy Birthday, Capn. I could think of what ta make ya so I made ya an apple crumble cake.





"You…. you made me an apple crumble cake…." He said his eyes wide. "I love you…"

"I well, I’m glad that I made ya the right thing. It’s nice ta see such a positive reaction from ya…"


"Food is always the right thing. I love to eat. Of course I need to eat a lot to keep up my energy." He said with a laugh. "We should go out to lunch if you aren’t busy. We could have desert first." He said with a grin while holding up the cake. 


"Ya know, a slice of cake couldn’t possibly hurt. I guess I’ll stay for some cake and lunch since it is ya birthday…"


Steve grinned and passed over a slice of cake to her and took a big bite himself. “So did you have other plans for the 4th? Usually I just sit at home trying to ignore the fireworks. Well… sometimes I put on music and watch them from the window. Its nicer when you can’t hear the explosions.” He laughed and shook his head, “i’m sorry I’m rambling.”

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evangelinedesanford sent: "Happy Birthday, Sir!"




"Thank you! Whats your name?" He wasn’t too surprised that she knew it was his birthday. A lot of people recognized him these days.

Steve shrugged, “I actually don’t… I usually just stay inside and keep to myself. Especially when it gets dark and the fireworks start.” He usually didn’t do well with sudden loud noises. The fireworks tended to trigger flashbacks for him although they were pretty to look at. He wished he could go see them and not have to worry about thinking he was back in Germany, “Did you have plans for the Fourth?”


That’s right, the fireworks. Her brother had much the same outlook on them. “Me? Oh no, I just stay home with my dog. I live way outside of the city, so there’s no fireworks to watch, but we’ll probably have a little bonfire outside and have a few hotdogs… and too much beer.” Evangeline laughed a little bit. Her holidays was usually pretty lame by most standards, but in her younger years she had partied in the city, enough for several lifetimes.


Steve raised his brows at her plans, “Wow that actually sounds like fun. There aren’t fireworks out where you are…?” He asked curiously wondering if he could join her, “You don’t think… I could maybe come?” He’d rather not spend his birthday in his apartment with earplugs in as he tried to read  or sleep. He felt weird for inviting himself and started to back out, “I mean… if thats alright. I actually have… a thing I could go to if…” He pursed his lips not sure where he was going. “I mean don’t feel obligated just because I asked…”

Although who wouldn’t want Captain America at their 4th of July party right?

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It’s All Ancient History



Steve had turned away from the exiting class and was erasing the board, not even noticing the remaining student until she spoke. He turned and saw her distress. With a furrowed brow he sat the eraser down and slowly approached her, “Hey Hey… Jean take it easy. Whats going on?” He asked her with his hands raised.

He frowned suddenly realizing what must have happened, “I’m sorry… I don’t know exactly what you saw…” He took a seat in a desk several spaces away from her, “I didn’t intend for anyone to…” He frowned as she started to cry, “Please…. please don’t cry.” He muttered getting up and putting a tentative hand on her back wanting to comfort her. 

"Tell me what exactly you saw…" He said knowing talking about it would help, at least he hoped it would. 

Jean jumped a little at the hand on her back. She settled though, not moving from him. The hand was comforting, though the memories she accidentally got into weren’t. She shook her head, unsure whether talking would help or not. “Blood…death, so much death.”

She wiped at her eyes, but the tears wouldn’t stop flowing. She was an idealist, at least in her head she was, and while she knew war existed, she didn’t want to think about the bloody reality of it. She liked being on a side where she could do her hardest to stop it as a citizen, not as a soldier. She didn’t think she could handle it before, and she knew she couldn’t now, not after what she had read from Steve.

Against her better judgment, she turned and hugged him tightly. While she had just been exposed to it, and was more vulnerable in her own opinion, Steve had actually lived through it. He had seen it all with his own eyes. She managed to speak, “I’m sorry that it happened to you.”

Steve sighed hearing that she actually saw what he had been through. “I’m sorry…. I’m sorry you had to see that.” He wasn’t sure what to do. Crying women were not his strong point. He reached over and handed her a tissue from the box on his desk. “You ok?” He muttered.

He couldn’t imagine what she was thinking or what she thought of him. She probably thought he was some kind of monster, killing all those people. “I’m sorry… You don’t think… I didn’t enjoy…” 

He raised his brows surprised that she hugged him. He hesitated before circling his arms around her. He chuckled and shook his head, “Its ok…  I mean it bothers me some nights but I get through. Don’t worry about it… Just let me know if what you saw… starts to bother you.”

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captainehren sent: "Oh! I forgot! Your birthday's the fourth, right? I'm so sorry I forgot!" Ehren then hugged Steve tightly.



"It is. Its alright no need to apologize!" He said with a laugh as he hugged her back, "Did you have big plans today?" 

"Nope. Unless you count writing, which I’ve been doing a lot." She laughed a little and leaned up to give him a kiss on the cheek.

Steve smiled when she kissed his cheek and kissed hers back, “Well… unless you had your heart set on writing why don’t we do something? Or we could sit around the dining table. You’ll write and I’ll draw and see where we go from there.” 

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Belle was still seething. Rumple had thrown her out as if she was no better than the rubbish from the kitchen. Her adrenaline had taken her almost two kingdoms away in just as many days, but now she was flagging. The gold coins in her purse would assure she’d have well appointed lodgings at any tavern she wanted, but the hospitality was not as easily won. As she tucked her purse back into the pouch on her belt, she felt a meaty hand grab her arm.  Not for the first time since she’d left the Dark Castle did Belle wish she’d grabbed a weapon or two.
"Hand it over girlie," a mountain of a man with three missing teeth and more missing hair grumbled, indicating her gold. Well, she wasn’t about to give up her bounty without a fight.

Steve had been riding his horse through the town wearing a dark cloak trying to hide who he was. He didn’t exactly want to be recognized as king as he was doing his shopping. He had some food in the satchel on his horses’ side and had gotten new shoes for his horse. 
He paused seeing a man grab a woman trying to steal her money. Well of course he couldn’t stand that kind of behavior in his kingdom. The man slid off his horse and approached the the two with his hand resting on the pommel of Excalibur, which showed that he was willing to use force if necessary. He pulled the hood back and looked pleasantly between the two giving the man a chance to leave. “Greetings. Is everything alright today?” He asked the two of them hoping the situation would dissolve easily. 
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The Blind Date (Closed)





Steve blushed deeply at her first comment. He didn’t think he was that amazing but it was nice that she thought so. He laughed nervously as he sat down, “I wouldn’t say we are that rare.” Wow he was not ready for a date at all. Much less with a girl with so much ink. It was the biggest culture shock of his life. 

It took him a moment to tear his eyes away from her tattoos. He was still blushing. “Not really up to the 50’s… I kinda stop with 1944.” he said with a chuckle. He figured Natasha would have told he girl who he was. “I’d even say the late 20s is kind of my thing too…” He bit his lip wondering if he should tell her. He felt like he’d be lying to her if he didn’t.

He took a large drink from his tumbler and took a deep breath. “I feel like she should have told you I’m much older than I look… Much older… As in I was born in 1918 older…” He couldn’t meet her eyes, “Please don’t be creeped out.” Whenever he went out with a girl he always made sure they knew that. Some of them laughed in his face before slapping him and leaving when they realized that he wasn’t joking. Some threw drinks in his face and called him a pervert. Most however, were only interested in him because he was Captain America. Those were the worst. 

"Oh." Trixie mumbled as she began to do the math in her head. 'Okay so he's 73 years older than me; but he can't be any then two years older than me physicality. I can work with this' After a few moments of silence she glanced up at her date, “That’s cool, I’m honestly not too surprised that there’s something a little different about you. You know Tash which means you work for SHEILD, so….” She trailed of with a slight smile.

Her nerves will still a flutter especially after having Steve drop a bombshell like that, “I feel like I should tell you something as equally as shocking now. Hmm let’s see what’s not overly mortifying yet still on par with you’ve just told me.” She laughed, putting on a bit of a show, her lips pursed and her clasped hands brought to her mouth. “Oh I know ask me anything you want to know about. The question can be as cruel and sadistic as you like and I have to answer honestly. Use your freebie wisely”

Steve kept his head down as she was quiet for a long time as she thought about his age. He was prepared for the worst and couldn’t help but show his surprise when she said it was cool. “Really…? Really You… wow ok. I’ll take it. You’re taking it better than other girls that I went out with… Which is part of why I’m still single. Yeah… I do work for SHIELD. I’m surprised that you know that kind of information…” SHIELD was pretty hush hush he was surprised Natasha would share anything about SHIELD. 

Steve raised his brows at her offer of asking any question. He shrugged not really sure what to ask. “Uh… How many piercings and tattoos do you have and where?” He asked curiously. He’d never met anyone with many piercings and tattoos before and was curious. He knew the question was lame but didn’t want to get too personal. 

"My Dad works for SHIELD, that’s actually how I met Tash. She thought it was hilarious when I barged into HQ a few years back demanding to talk to my father, but that’s a story for another time." She laughed softly at the memory. "I actually think you’ve worked with my Dad before. Agent Phil Coulson." 

Trixie looked over the menu as she spoke, trying to decide on what to order as a main.”Um right tats.” She paused, “I’ve honestly lost count. I’ll put it like this the only places left are, the soles of my feet, my inner left elbow, groin, butt, back of my knees, and the lower half of my right side. The rest of me is pretty my covered, oh and most of my face of course.” The piercer felt more and more comfortable as she began to talk about her body mods, it was something she knew well. 

"As for piercings, I’ve got 22. Plus I’ve got my tongue split." She poked her tongue out briefly moving the halves in opposite directions as a demonstration. "I know it can be a little overwhelming to some, but to me there always  been there for me  in some sense, I just made them visible to everyone else."

Steve raised his brows when he heard that she was the daughter of a SHIELD agent. “Really? No wonder you know Natasha.” He choked on his drink when he heard who her father was. “Your…. your dad is Phil…?” He wasn’t sure how he felt about that. Would Phil kill him for going on a date with his daughter or would he want to go along? The thought made him worry a bit.

He coughed when she mentioned what was left and couldn’t help but notice that her chest was not mentioned. He blinked hearing that she had 22 piercings. This was getting to be too much for him. He choked on his drink seeing the split tongue, “Oh God. Put it back in your mouth… I’m sorry… This is just a bit too… fast for me… I’m sorry.” He swallowed and looked down as the food was brought to them. “You do know… that I’m not exactly from this time period right? How much did Natasha tell you…?”

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