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Lieutenant Colonel Rogers here but people still call me Cap. Old habits die hard I guess. Besides Captain America sounds better than Lt Col America... Send me a message if you would like to chat or ask questions. I'm still with the Army and I also work for SHIELD. I'm willing to talk about pretty much anything so don't be shy. Trust me I'm shy enough for the both of us.
((All relationships are AU unless stated otherwise. ALSO STEVE IS STRAIGHT. No gifs or pictures are mine. Sometimes NSFW))

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Time to get back to homework

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The Man Who Would Be Ben. ~closed~



When the stranger from space landed on Earth, Steve had been there to greet him. With a gun at his hip and his shield on his back he made his way cautiously to the ship to greet him.

Steve looked the man over curiously as he emerged, “Hello there… You didn’t come up on our radar and no one seems to know who you are. Care to tell me what you’re doing here?”


"Sorry… I had my shields up" He bows "I am Obi wan Kenobi" He stands straight "Im sorry for all the commotion, I didn’t expect to land so safely"


Steve raised a brow at the name. “Obi Wan Kenobi? Are you from Asgard?” Steve asked wondering if the space man was a friend of Thor’s. “Had you expected to crash? I take it you didn’t mean to come here then?”

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Anonymous sent: She tucked her head under his chin listening to her father read. Suddenly she looked up. "Dad? Why did you and mom pick Sarah for my name?"

Steve stopped reading and looked down at her softly, “Well ,my mother’s name was Sarah. And she was the greatest woman I ever knew. Why do you ask?”

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Getting To Know One Another //Closed


Katerina stretched and lay down on her bed in SHIELD’s bunker. She  tapped her fingers on her bed, staring at the ceiling. She looked over when someone knocked, “You can come in, I’m decent.”

Steve slowly slipped open the door and smiled, “Hey. I just wanted to come introduce myself. I know you’re new around here and I know how hard that can be. Whats your name?”

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All you need to know about hawkeye.
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Anonymous sent: The little girl climbed up on her dad's lap and yawned with a book on her hand. "Just one more chapter please?" She asked with a pleading look. "I can't go to sleep.."'

Steve chuckled and brought the girl into his lap while sitting on her bed, “Fine alright. One more chapter but then you have to sleep.” He said opening the book and began to read from the Hobbit.

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Asian Cafe Pulau Bali by 壬生浪
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Reblog if you’re bored and want random anons.


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